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Lennox XC15

Lennox XC15 Signature Series Central Air Conditioner

The quietest central air conditioner you can buy! (according to Lennox, we have not verified this claim)

The XC15 not only provides peace and quiet – it also offers peace of mind. The exclusive Lennox system operation monitor continually monitors system pe rformance, helping technicians solve problems faster and more accurately.  Like all Lennox products, the XC15 air conditioner is built to deliver exceptional reliability with a promise of quality you can count on year after year. 

These units are not the cheapest but you get what you pay for, in the case of the Lennox XC15 it is one of the best systems available to residential consumers in Toronto.

The Lennox XC15 is a big air conditioner, as you increase the efficiency the size of the actual unit will follow suite.  Efficiency upgrades add larger coils for greater surface area, as well as an insulated scroll compressor compartment.  With this particular unit, Lennox has installed a larger fan which enables the unit to move more air at a lower rotating speed, thus increasing efficiency and reducing ambient noise.

As one once said “the bigger the Air Conditioner the smaller the electrical bill”,

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