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Pricing Your Homes Central Air Conditioner.

We are into late May and the heat of the summer season is starting to descend upon southern Ontario and the greater Toronto area. If you are looking for an air conditioner to cool your home this summer but unsure of the costs then we hope to break it down to help you better understand where your money goes.

Central Air Costs

First off replacing a central air conditioner is usually cheaper than if you have never had one.  The reason for the price discrepancy is due to the extra time and work needed to modify your duct and venting system above your furnace.  An A-coil has to be installed to allow your homes warm air to flow through the chilled coil ultimately cooling the interior of your home.

Free Quotes

Okay, more importantly what is it going to cost? Just for a small warning I won’t go into specific numbers because each home is different. I have in the past quoted specific numbers only to have a customer reference what I had written, albeit he was in completely different situation and stubbornly refused to listen as to why the prices were different. Thus pricing in this article is simply for example only, I would be more than happy to answer any question you have and give you exact pricing for your home, simply give me a call (647) 925-1930.

When installing a new air conditioner two of our technicians will come out to your home with a brand new system that was properly sized and selected by you the home owner during the initial pre consultation.  The price of your central air system will be completely determined by the size, efficiency, and brand that you select.  You can expect somewhere from $700 to over $5000 for a just the air conditioning unit alone.

Included in the Installation

Our installation includes the A coil, condensation collection systems, charging the lines with coolant, as well as all the labour needed to run the new copper coolant lines and even removal of your old system and all components. Our installation fee can range from around $200 to well over $1000 if your home needs multiple air conditioners.

It’s incredible difficult to try and give accurate pricing over the internet as all homes really quite different.  The best option is to have one of our reps come out to your home, inspect the installation site, and then give you a guaranteed price right then and there.  The inspection is free of charge and ensures you are getting the most accurate price quote.

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