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Airconditioning – Keeping Your Toronto Home Cool This Summer

Airconditioning – Keeping Your Toronto Home Cool This Summer

When buying or looking for a new airconditioning unit look for a model with a highest efficiency to achieve the greatest energy cost savings.  Central airconditioning units are rated according to a standardized industry wide rating called SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). The SEER scale rated airconditioners in and around 1992 at an average of 6-8 SEER.  With fast increases in technology our air conditioners are now averaging around a 13-14 SEER and can easily reach the mid 20’s SEER ratings.  This is such a significant increase in efficiency that airconditioning now consumes 50 percent less energy than it did in the past.old inefficient Airconditioning system

SEER indicates the relative amount of energy needed to provide a specific cooling output. As I mentioned before older airconditioning systems have SEER ratings of 6 or less. The minimum SEER allowed today is 13

Substantial energy cost savings can be gained from more efficient airconditioning systems. Lets just say that if you went and checked your homes air conditioner outside and happen to find it is one of those old low lying rectangular box systems. Then, for example, if you upgrade from that old SEER 9 unit at best to A SEER 13, your power consumption is reduced by 30%.  It is claimed that this can result in an energy savings of up to $300 per year, but of course this depends on the usage rate and the cost of electricity. Either way you will be saving some money.

Seeing as we are in Toronto and the GTA if the existing airconditiong unit is still functional and well-maintained, and when the time value of money is considered, keeping the unit may be the most cost effective. However, the efficiency of air conditioners can degrade significantly over time. Therefore, maintenance should be performed regularly to keep and airconditioning units efficiency as high as possible. It is important to note that any grants and rebates can significantly change the time value evaluation toward proactive replacement.  There are rebates currently available that we can help you access.

We can help get you out of a low SEER airconditioning system and into a new higher efficiency model that will save you money on your Energy bills.

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