GTA Air-Conditioner Sales

Why Choose Licensed Handymen?

When dealing with some sort of an Air Conditioner problem in the middle of a long and hot summer day, the last thing you need is to contact repairmen that have no idea what they're doing. A handyman with zero hands-on experience with your type of A/C, or someone new in the industry who barely knows what tools to use will definitely ruin your day even more. Not to mention it will waste your time, energy, and money. Did you know that even the smallest repair or maintenance job around the house should be handled by a licensed contractor in order to avoid any possible misunderstandings, malfunction, or improper work done?

Services That Require Trade

This is something you might not be aware of, but, legally speaking, there are certain services that require trade licenses. Small painting, repair, or maintenance jobs for example require specific trade licensing in order to be advertised. Becoming more familiar with the laws in the country concerning licensed handymen will make all the difference.

Prior to hiring a locksmith to handle your home or vehicle lock needs, you will need to gain a deeper understanding of the laws that apply to contractors in the area where you live. For example, locksmith is a voluntary certfication trade in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Since it is a certification trade, it is regulated provincially. Therefore, locksmith is not a designated trade in every province in Canada. The Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training does not require someone to be a Journeyman or Apprentice in order to work in the trade. However, training systems as well as Journeyman Certification are both available and able to boost the level of confidence attributed to a locksmith by its customers. Beginning June, 2011, a new law was issued asking all new applicants for Locksmith licenses to be a registered Apprentice or Journeyman Locksmith. In other words, all technicians persons offering locksmith services to the public in Alberta need to get a license under SSIA.

Whether you wish to hire the services of an automotive locksmith like these folks here or you wish to find someone who can repair your broken or loose locks on the front door of your house, apartment, or office building, you first need to make sure you know what you should be legally looking for. A licensed locksmith or any licensed handyman for that matter has the advantage of having graduated from a professional school of trades, proof of their solid practical and theoretical knowledge. The hassle will be smaller or almost inexistent when working with a repairman who has fixed or re-keyed the same type of lock like the ones on your doors for dozens or hundreds of times before. You will not have to worry about them now knowing what they are doing, not having the right set of tools on them, or not being up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry.

A licensed locksmith is also usually a technician who is insured/bonded, which means their work is guaranteed for at least 90 days. Think in terms of reliability, quality work, and professionalism when looking to hire a licensed handyman.