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The GTA Spring Air Conditioner Safety Inspection

The GTA Spring Air Conditioner Safety Inspection

Well it is official, Today is the first day of spring, and as always we start to promote the importance of air conditioner inspections and maintenance before you turn the central air in your home on for the season. This spring we want to remind homeowners about our A/C safety check special offered throughout the Greater Toronto area, this service is designed to check up on your air conditioner condition.A/C Inspection

Why In the Spring?

A Home Air Conditioner safety checkup is conducted by a licensed HVAC Technician and we recommend this service once every spring.  After an air conditioner sits idle for several months during the winter, any number of problems may arise during start up or soon after.  Winter weather, salt corrosion, and debris can do serious damage to your A/C very quickly. These types of issues can lead to premature breakdowns of equipment, or create an otherwise unsafe operating environment.

We Can Help

An A/C preseason check up from us includes a thorough inspection of wiring, coils, refrigerant, A/C controls, condensate drains, and the air filter. Each area of inspection is meant to detect for existing damage and/or potential problems.  Should any repairs be needed, our HVAC Technician will thoroughly explain the issue and present you with available options in order to address problems before the cooling season officially begins.

Part of the reason you should have a spring air conditioner inspection is to maintain efficiency.  When filters become dirty, airflow is obstructed; this forces an air conditioner to work harder when making cool air and uses more electricity.

What Are the Benefits Of a Spring Air Conditioner Inspection?

Keeping up routine maintenance on your air conditioner includes clearing debris, replacing air filters, and completing inspections can have many benefits. Most importantly seasonal maintenance ensures your air conditioner warranty remains valid, not only that but it also:

  •   reduces breakdowns
  •   lowers operating costs
  •   extends equipment life
  •   improves cooling efficiency
  •   produces better indoor air quality

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