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Burlington A/C

Burlington is a unique city located in Southern Ontario.  It is geographically  positioned at the western end of Lake Ontario and encompasses a population of roughly 180,000. The location of Burlington puts it roughly in the center of the Golden Horseshoe region which is a very industrious and dynamic area with many attractions.

Typical of much of the suburban growth in southern Ontario for the last 50 years, Burlington has seen a significant development of fully detached single-family homes. Burlington has a high demand for air conditioners and air conditioning repairs. This has definitely been the case as we regularly get inquires from this region regarding A/C installation (have an issue or need an A/C upgrade?  contact us).

Burlington Air Conditioners

Burlington resident now have the option to be serviced by big-box stores like Rona or Home Depot, the problem is that the service is impersonal and slow.  Let us show you how a company founded on customer satisfaction and quality workmanship can make upgrading your central air installation a breeze.

Residents of Burlington are eligible for central air rebates and incentives for new and upgraded air conditioners installed at your home. These incentives are aimed at home owners who need a little push to upgrade their A/C to a more efficient unit.  The culmination of hundred if not thousands of A/C efficiency upgrades can really reduce the electrical consumption on the grid. Take advantage of this program now and get part of your new air conditioner free.

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