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Thornhill A/C

This town has a population of a little more than 100,000 people.  As a little community Thornhill is situated in the Greater Toronto Area of Southern Ontario. Thornhill’s growth since roughly the 1960s and 70s has been largely powered by its connectedness and proximity to bordering City,Toronto, a huge economic hub.

Thornhill has experienced large housing developments, especially in the beginning of the 1980s with projects such as the Tannenbaum family’s Spring Farm development, (near Bathurst and Clark). If you’re living in one of these homes and haven’t upgraded your homes heating and air conditioner system, you’re throwing money out the window every day.  We can help.

Thornhill homes and residences are eligible for rebates and grants on air conditioners.  The Ontario electricity grid is stretched to its limits so the Government is offering rebates on air conditioners that are energy efficient.  If enough of these efficient systems are installed it can create a significant reduction in demand on the electrical grid throughout  Ontario.

We have been installing air conditioners throughout Thornhill for numerous years.  We have an intimate understanding of the types of homes and the correct systems to be installing.  In Thornhill air conditioners can contribute to a significant portion of your energy bill during summer months.  Efficiency has increased to the point where purchasing a new high efficiency model can actually save more than what it costs to run the old one…. Find out more.

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