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Toronto Heat Wave of 2010

Well step outside and its obvious we are in a bit of a heat wave, we have received hundreds of inquiries for air conditioner service as well as replacement units.  We try and stress that you have your equipment serviced regularly so that its not breaking down when you need it most but it can be difficult as it is designed to be as invisible as possible. A good portion of Toronto west went with out power today as a transformer caught on fire and effectively removed 930 megawatts from the Ontario grid.  Luckily our power supply is well connected to our neighbours and we are able to purchase their excess power until the unit is fixed.  It certainly makes you realize how much you use electricity when its suddenly not there. During heat waves like this its a good idea to listen to you air conditioner and see how long it runs for, if you never hear it stop you may have a problem.  If this is the case let us know and we can come by and give you some advice on whether the air conditioner need replacement has been inappropriately sized for your home or just needs a quick service call.  Our first consultation is always free so send us a quick message with your issue and we will call you back to schedule a time when you will be home. Send us a message...

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Woodbridge A/C

Woodbridge is a large suburban community with a population of roughly 109,000.  It is located in the City of Vaughan. The traditional downtown core is situated along the Woodbridge Ave. stretch between Islington and Kipling. Woodbridge has a significant Italian immigrant population but with recent housing development and growth the percentage has been shrinking. Woodbridge has many rolling hills and valleys which makes the development of single detached homes a prime location.  Naturally not being close to any large bodies of water makes the air quite warm; Toronto can be several degrees cooler due to its proximity to Lake Ontario.  Air Conditioners are essential in keeping home temperatures at a comfortable range. Woodbridge Air Conditioner Installer Technology has advanced significantly, even in the last 5 years and thus replacing an older air conditioner can save you tones of money on your electrical bills.  The less you spend on electricity the more your delivery charge is reduced per month.  We all know how the delivery charge can be as much if not more than the actual bill. Keep in mind there are incentives and rebates available to residents of Woodbridge who upgrade their air conditioner to a more efficient system.  Take advantage of these rebates now before programs are axed....

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Vaughan A/C

Vaughan has a population of more than 240,000 people.  This city is known to most as one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada. Vaughan has nearly doubled in population since 1991. Vaughan Air Conditioner Installer The high growth of Vaughan has resulted in numerous issues including congestion, and power concerns.  There are a number of grants and rebates available to residents of Vaughan who are looking to upgrade their air conditioner.  These rebates are offered in order to help reduce energy consumption created by the large growth in Vaughan air conditioners. The Ontario electrical bill distributed to home owners can be a hard one to swallow during the hottest moths in the summer.  A high efficiency central air system can really reduce that pain.  Let us show you how. The efficiency of these systems has increased substantially over the last five or six years.  If your homes central air conditioner is older than it may be time to look into upgrading. Air conditioners are huge power hogs and upgrading thousands of them significantly reduces the energy consumption of Vaughan.  This is a great opportunity as a home owner to get a top of the line A/C at a significant reduction. Get your hands on grant money here. Or Call: (647) 925...

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Maple A/C

Maple has an estimated population of over 50,000 people; it is a designated area to grow within Ontario’s  suburban community. Maple consists primarily of single detached homes and this makes it a high user of residential air conditioners.  Due to the number of homes and the number of builders that initially installed cheap, inefficient air conditioners Maple we frequesntly visit the area.  Maple is a great town to live in, which is a bit of a secret most of the residents don’t like to promote. Upgrading your air conditioner in Maple can be great way to reduce your electrical bills.  I know when looking at my electrical bill every month the first thing I want to do is reduce my consumption.  The cost for electricity seems cheap but once they add on delivery charges, debt retirement, taxes, and regulatory fees the price is ridiculous. Your air conditioner is one of the bigger consumers of electricity, upgrading to a more efficiency model can really reduce those fees attached to that electrical bill. Get an Air Conditioner Quote in Maple Or call (647) 925-1930 There are grants and rebates available to home owners living in Maple looking to upgrade their air conditioners.  The Government offers these rebates to reduce green house gases and shrink energy consumption. Get your home a new energy efficient air conditioner, save on energy bills and have the Government pay for portion of it.  Sign up here and find out more...

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Mississauga A/C

Mississauga is a city in southern Ontario and located in the western part of the Greater Toronto Area.  Mississauga has a population of over 700,000 and has basically doubled over the last 20 years.  The explosive growth is mostly attributed to its proximity to Toronto, but is also home to the headquarters of several major corporate companies. Mississauga is made up of thousands of single detached homes of which a good portion have recently been built there is a large market for new air conditioners.  Homes typically last anywhere from 50 to 100 years where as an air conditioner has a lifespan of maybe 10 to 15 depending on how the owner treats it. So if you’re reading this and know your air conditioner is over 10 years old you should have us come out and give you a free quote (at the very least). Call to schedule an appointment today.  (647) 925-1930 Air conditioners are major electricity consumers in the summer months in Mississauga.  As you have heard the Provinces electrical system is reaching it capacity and it requires massive investment to upgrade it.   The Governments action plan is to promote conservation and efficient reducing the demand and stalling costly upgrades. This means that there are air conditioner grants and incentives available to Mississauga residents who upgrade their cooling (and heating) systems.  New air conditioners are significantly more energy efficient than models 10 years or older, you can easily expect to reduce your electricity bills with a new central air unit. We are a Mississauga air conditioner installer who can rent, finance, sell, and service central air conditioners.  If you’re thinking it might be time to have a new system installed give us a call and we can have a professional come out and give you a free assessment and quote.  No obligations. Don’t miss out on a new efficient air conditioner for your home and find out how much you can save...

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