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Etobicoke A/C

Etobicoke Air Conditioner Etobicoke is located in the western portion of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has a population of roughly 340,000. Etobicoke is home to only 13% of Toronto’s population yet it occupies about 20% of its total land area. It is bordered on the south by Lake Ontario, on the east by the Humber River, on the west by the city of Mississauga. To the north it’s bordered by the city of Vaughan, and on the northwest by the City of Brampton. Most of the homes in Etobicoke are single detached and thus employ air conditioners to cool the inside air. Getting together with neighbours or friends and purchasing multiple air conditioners can result in significant savings for home owners. If this is something you are able to organize give us a call or send us a quick message and we can offer some great savings. Homes in the Etobicoke region are also able to apply for Government grants and incentives to help in replacing old air conditioners. You can find out more about grants and incentives on central air conditioners for Etobicoke residents here.  These rebates apply to more than just A/C systems, your homes furnace and toilets can also net you a tidy rebate! Call: 647 925...

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Lennox AC Rebates

Lennox Air Conditioners are eligible for rebates in Ontario. Here are some of the current programs available to Ontario residents. Peaksaver Plus This program is only available to customers of certain utility companies (see the website for a list). Once involved in the Peaksaver program, an authorized technician will install a device that is remotely activated when electrical demand is high.  This automated system can make small adjustment to appliances you enroll in the program.  These small adjustment can reduce demand on the grid as well as reduce your electricity bill.  For example you can have your electric hot water tank or air conditioner tweaked to not run during periods of very high electrical coast for a short periods of time.     Low-Income Energy Assistance Program Available only In Select Regions LEAP is a year-round program designed to assist low-income families and home owners with their bill payments and natural gas costs. LEAP provides emergency relief with a one-time financial grant of $500 to eligible low-income customers experiencing difficulty paying “past due” bills.     SaveONenergy New Home Construction Grants are available to home builders and renovators who install energy-efficient measures in the updated home. See the website for full details.     SaveONenergy Heating and Cooling Incentive Receive up to $650 by installing ENERGY STAR qualified furnace and air conditioner systems. A rebate is still issued on individual systems but it depends on which unit you install and its efficiency rating.  This rebate is only available from certain participating contractors (which we are). See the website for full details.     The Ontario Home Energy Audit Rebate The Government of Ontario will pay 50% of your home Energy Audit, up to $150. Although the ecoEnergy grant program has ended the home energy audit program still remains in effect.  This program will fully test your homes efficiency rating.  The results can be used as a blueprint on where to focus your upgrades for “the best bang for your buck”.     Lennox Models That are Eligible for Rebates Lennox XC-14 – All sizes of this air conditioners fit Ontario Government requirements for rebates. Lennox XC-15 – Again All sizes of this Lennox Air Conditioner will enable you the...

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Lennox XC14 Air Conditioner

The XC14 by Lennox is an Elite series central air conditioner.  This a very popular model for residential home owners as the system is scalable, meaning it fits a wide range of home sizes.  Lennox has improved this air conditioner substantially since its last redesign.  Improvements include: Sound levels as low as 70 dB – this is much quieter than standard central air conditioners Efficiency rating of 16.20 SEER – this can save the average user hundreds of dollars ENERGY STAR qualified – meets strict standards for energy efficiency Qualifies for Government Rebates – Ontario offering rebates if you upgrade to this model (more here) Chlorine free R-410A refrigerant – excellent coolant without harmful environmental costs 10 year limited warranty – on compressor The Lennox XC14 air conditioner is eligible for additional warranty should you need further peace of mind on this exceptional central air-conditioner. The Details Installation time – between 2 and 4 hours Cost – the XC14 price will change according to size so its best if you call us to get the most accurate price (remember there may be Grants which reduce the price even further) Call: 647 925- 930 Product Brochure – Lennox XC14...

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Contact Us

Calling us directly is one of the fastest ways to contact us, receive a quote, or book a free In home consultation.  We can then also provide you with information on available grants and incentives that may be available to home owners that upgrade their Air Conditioners.  As well we can also outline any additional steps that need to be taken.  Give us a Call Now. Alternatively you can have us call you back by filling out our contact form.  We strive to answer your inquiry within 1 business day (but we are often much faster!)   Our Quick and Easy Contact Form   Name (Required) Phone Number (Required) E-Mail (Required) Your Message Would you like a free estimate on a central air-conditioner? Do you live in The Greater Toronto Area? We have several REP’s that know the in’s and out’s of sizing and installing a new or replacement central air system. We employ a strict email policy, your information will never be sold or added to our air conditioner newsletter without your...

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Toronto Air-Conditioners

Toronto is an unusual city as it is located on the shore of a massive freshwater lake. This directly affects the weather for Torontonians as it brings lake effect snow in the winter, cooler temperatures in spring, and even warm breezes in the fall.  Do you still need an air-conditioner if you live in Toronto? Absolutely, we still get muggy, hot, humid weather that turns peaceful sleeping into sweaty torture. We have been installing A/C units for years in Toronto, we offer competitive prices, several popular manufactures, and industry leading additional warranty.   We have also partnered with a Government service organization that is able to perform home energy audits enabling home owners to receive Government grants further reducing the price of an Air-Conditioner. The farmers almanac is predicting a long, hot summer (opposite of last years hopefully) get an air conditioner before demand outstrips supplies and prices rise.  Give us a call or send us a quick message here and we can come out and give you a free...

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