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Lennox AC Rebates

Lennox Air Conditioners are eligible for rebates in Ontario. Here are some of the current programs available to Ontario residents. Peaksaver Plus This program is only available to customers of certain utility companies (see the website for a list). Once involved in the Peaksaver program, an authorized technician will install a device that is remotely activated when electrical demand is high.  This automated system can make small adjustment to appliances you enroll in the program.  These small adjustment can reduce demand on the grid as well as reduce your electricity bill.  For example you can have your electric hot water tank or air conditioner tweaked to not run during periods of very high electrical coast for a short periods of time.     Low-Income Energy Assistance Program Available only In Select Regions LEAP is a year-round program designed to assist low-income families and home owners with their bill payments and natural gas costs. LEAP provides emergency relief with a one-time financial grant of $500 to eligible low-income customers experiencing difficulty paying “past due” bills.     SaveONenergy New Home Construction Grants are available to home builders and renovators who install energy-efficient measures in the updated home. See the website for full details.     SaveONenergy Heating and Cooling Incentive Receive up to $650 by installing ENERGY STAR qualified furnace and air conditioner systems. A rebate is still issued on individual systems but it depends on which unit you install and its efficiency rating.  This rebate is only available from certain participating contractors (which we are). See the website for full details.     The Ontario Home Energy Audit Rebate The Government of Ontario will pay 50% of your home Energy Audit, up to $150. Although the ecoEnergy grant program has ended the home energy audit program still remains in effect.  This program will fully test your homes efficiency rating.  The results can be used as a blueprint on where to focus your upgrades for “the best bang for your buck”.     Lennox Models That are Eligible for Rebates Lennox XC-14 – All sizes of this air conditioners fit Ontario Government requirements for rebates. Lennox XC-15 – Again All sizes of this Lennox Air Conditioner will enable you the...

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Air Conditioner Rebates

Current Air Conditioner Rebates For 2015 Ontario’s ENERGY STAR Program is offering rebates to encourage you as a homeowner to install and use energy efficient cooling or air conditioning systems. Here’s how it works. You will need a participating ENERGY STAR installer, (which we happen to qualify as) who will ensure you are eligible for: A $250 Purchase Incentive when installing a 14.5 SEER and 12 EER (Or Better)  ENERGY STAR Air-Conditioner A $400 Purchase Incentive when you replace an existing central air conditioning system with a tier 2-or better unit (15 SEER or better).   The Program Has Expired (Ended Jan 2012) The Government has pulled the plug on the eco-energy audit and removed the incentive program aimed at homeowners interested in improving the efficiency of their homes.  There was an incredible amount of work and resources put into this program, I wont be surprised to see it re-emerge in some form or another. Government Rebates The Ontario Government is offering air conditioner rebates to home owners that switch out their current cooling system for a new more efficient unit.  The air conditioner rebates value will change according to the new system you install but you can expect to save on energy costs on top of the offered incentives.  You can expect a Government rebate of $250 on any air conditioner with a SEER rating of 14.5 or better.  You will need to get a home energy audit on your home (find out more and get one here) which is a government sponsored program that enables home owners to discover how efficient their home is and where improvements can be made.  Once this program or audit has been completed you will be mailed a cheque with the value of the rebates that you should receive pertaining to your upgrades. Provincial air conditioner rebates are available to all of the greater Toronto area and all cities within Ontario.  Any Air Conditioner with a SEER rating of 14.5 or higher will qualify you for a rebate of...

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