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Air Conditioner Covers Toronto

It’s is really important that you cover your air conditioner during the winter months to keep the elements out.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people that will tell you covering your air conditioner is bad for it, they are partly correct but ohh so wrong.

Water is an air conditioners Kriptonite, it starts to rust the metal and deteriorate the bearings and electric motor.  A cover will not only work to deflect rain and snow but also fight condensation that can build up if improperly designed.  If the cover has a plastic inside then its of low quality and will not prevent condensation.  The best covers have a fibrous material that will whisk the moisture away from the unit protecting it from rust.

There are a number of places that sell good quality covers, keep your eyes open for sales and don’t forget that your air conditioner lives outside in the thick of Toronto’s elements.