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Central Air Conditioner Theft

Central Air Conditioner Theft

This is an interesting topic in that it actually happens more frequently than you might expect within, Toronto, the GTA, Hamilton, Mississauga, anywhere really.

Why does this occur?

Well an A/C is installed outside the home making it more vulnerable than your furnace or water heater which are in the home.  Commonly an central air conditioner is simply placed on a patio stone, there is no lock or bolts holding it down.  A thief who steals a central air can simply cut the lines and walk off with the system.  It is relatively common for homeowners  to flip the breaker in the fall for the winter season making the removal even easier. Central Air

Why Are Central Air Conditioners Stolen?

If you are looking around at replacing your system you will quickly see that they are not cheap.  A thief can very easily sell that system and make a tidy profit.  If the system cant be sold whole than the coils inside hold a lot of copper.  I’m sure everyone has heard about some situation on another where copper has been stolen.  An small industrial A/C can easily hold 600 to 800 dollars in scrap copper.  Access, your air conditioner is easily accessible and this in itself is a reason why they are easy targets.

How To Stop Central Air Conditioner Theft

There is nothing you can do to completely remove the risk but there are a few things to prevent it.  Some installers use a metal frame that is mounted to the wall of your home and holds the A/C off the ground about a foot.  The A/C is literally bolted to the wall making it more difficult to steal.  For real good security you can actually buy specialized locks for your air conditioner.  These systems consist of 4 powder coated steel bars that encase the system and bolt it to the ground.