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Modern Air Conditioners

Modern Air Conditioners

Incredibly the air conditioner was invented in 1902 and credited to Willis Carrier, yep that’s the same name you think Carrier air conditioners.  His invention wasn’t really actually designed to cool down air either.  Like most inventions the initial discovery and subsequent product is quite different than it is today.  Mr. Carriers initial product was designed to control humidity in an industrial printing plant as the paper and ink are easily affected.

Not long after, 1903 to be exact, the first air conditioner was installed to cool air and make people comfortable.  It was installed at the New York Stock Exchange, sort of a fitting place if you ask me.  The first home air conditioner wasn’t produced until 1929 and was incredibly large, heavy, and expensive.  Technology was on a role and it wasn’t even 10 years later that they had window air conditioner units available.  Of course they weren’t as portable or efficient as the systems we have today but they did the trick.

Incredibly it is estimated that New York City has more than 6 million window air conditioners in use today.  Here in Toronto? Not even close to that number, we would be lucky if we topped a million.  This is due to the fact that New York has so little space that central air conditioners are a luxury most can’t afford the space for.  Toronto, we have lots of space and many single detached homes where a central air conditioner works very efficiently.

With The Weather Network predicting temperatures to be slightly above normal this summer things may just be starting to heat up.