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Pros and Cons of A/C Wall Bracket and Stone Mounting

Pros and Cons of A/C Wall Bracket and Stone Mounting

Most good central air conditioning companies in the GTA will offer two ways to mount your new air conditioner.  The first being a gravel or patio stone pad that is laid down and the system will sit on top of.  The second option is the wall bracket that will hold your new air conditioner off the ground allowing additional air flow.  Here are some of the pros and cons of each method.

Patio Stone A/C Foundation

  • The patio stone can crack and will need to be replaced which is difficult
  • Some consider the stone easier to cut the grass around
  • If your home is new the stone foundation can sink stretching the electrical lines (the new soil is usually not compact)
  • Sloping grade can make this style more difficult to level out
  • Air conditioner is more exposed to leaves, grass, and organic matter
  • Moisture builds up easier on the top of a patio stone

Metal A/C Wall Bracket Mount

  • There have been numerous complaints about vibrations through walls
  • The system is off the ground allowing additional air flow and a reduced chance of rusting
  • Rubber damper are supposed to isolate the house and the mount but have had mixed reviews
  • Sloping ground is inconsequential for this mount type
  • There is no chance  for ground settling to become a problem over time
  • Easier to cut the crass under the system?

I hope that helps.  I think to make a good decision you need to assess your home and your air conditioners installation.

A/C Wall Bracket

If it happens that the ground is sloped away or that your system would be installed on a garage exterior wall then the metal bracket may be the best choice.  Alternatively if your old central air was installed on a pad then you wont need to worry about ground settling and it may make sense to stick with what works.

Ultimately the choice is up to you…