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Starting Your A/C Up Again

Starting Your A/C Up Again

What is the proper way to start your Air Conditioner up after the winter?

Well there are a few steps home owners should take to ensure that their A/C runs smoothly and that this summer remains a cool one inside their house.

As always most people wait for hot weather to start their air conditioners, and of course that’s when they find out that the compressor has seized or something has broken over the winter.  We recommend that you check your AC around the first or second week of May for homes in southern Ontario (maybe even a little earlier for Toronto home owners).   Most companies will suggest a service call to have it examined but that really isn’t necessary as most of the work is quite simple.

Here is a list of tasks to complete before your air conditioner is summer ready.

  1. Remove the cover on the outdoor unit and store in a safe place
  2. Clear any plant matter or debris in and around the system
  3. Set the outdoor switch to “ON”
  4. Check to ensure that any A/C breakers are switched ON
  5. Ensure humidifier bypass (if you have one) is in the CLOSED position
  6. Turn the air conditioner on at your thermostat and let it run for about an hour
  7. Check the vents around your home to ensure cool air is flowing
  8. Lastly, visually check the compressor unit outside for irregular noises and any type of icing.

If your AC passes all the tests above you should be ready for the upcoming hot summer in Ontario this year.

REMEMBER If your air conditioner is over 15 years old it is inefficient and probably will need costly repairs sooner rather than later.  Consider replacing it before it wears out and you can avoid a last-minute emergency replacement in a summer heat wave.  This will likely net you a better deal and significantly reduce your energy bills throughout the summer – new units are much more energy efficient. You can also take advantage of Ontario Power Authority’s Heating & Cooling Incentive which gives home owners $650 back when they upgrade their furnace or air conditioner.