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Winterizing Your Air Conditioner

Winterizing or shutting your A/C down properly for the season is an important part of extending the life of the unit.  Here are the steps you should take to ensure your air conditioner is in top top shape come next summer.

  • Wash you A/C thoroughly with the hose, remove leaves, grass, and any dirt before covering it.
  • Allow the unit to completely dry and physically remove any leftover debris.
  • Drain any water from your window-mounted evaporation-cooler air conditioner. Evaporative coolers, cool the air by pumping water over a set of cooling pads. Any water that you leave in the cooler will freeze and can damage costly parts, so make sure to drain it well. (not very common in Canada)
  • Cover you air conditioner with an appropriate cover to restrict water and snow access that could rust your unit.
  • Secure the cover with bungee cords or ropes so that it does not shift or blow away.
  • Periodically check the cover during the winter to ensure that it is performing as it should.

And that is how you should winterize your air conditioner.