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Record Breaking Heat In Ontario

Record Breaking Heat In Ontario

The heat is here much earlier than normal as we have had nearly 2 weeks of consistent above 20 degree days now.  This is pretty much unheard of but if we continue this trend im afraid to see what types of temperatures we can expect for actual summer days.  This year may be a good one to either upgrade your air conditioner or install one.  An early purchase could be your ticket to great savings.  If the summer turns out to be a scorcher and you upgrade your central air conditioner to a more efficient unit you may end up saving yourself a tidy penny.  Also an early purchase can lead to a better deal as installers and HVAC companies are in a low point (spring) and thus a little more willing to negotiate to make the sale.  

Toronto, the GTA and really Ontario for that matter have shattered daily high records, in fact were on pace to break the record for the most consecutive broken records! Now how is that for a precursor to summer.

There are many different models of air conditioning systems out there, make sure you do a little research to help determine which model is right for you.  Also this is a good way to ensure that the salesperson isn’t taking advantage of you and your family.  An A/C does need to be sized correctly otherwise you may end up with a system that is too small or too large and that can have a drastic effect on your hydro bill.

As always we do offer free consultations and A/C quotes in the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe.  Contact us for more info.

In the mean time get out and enjoy the weather and a nice patio!