GTA Air-Conditioner Sales

Toronto Heat Wave of 2010

Well step outside and its obvious we are in a bit of a heat wave, we have received hundreds of inquiries for air conditioner service as well as replacement units.  We try and stress that you have your equipment serviced regularly so that its not breaking down when you need it most but it can be difficult as it is designed to be as invisible as possible.

A good portion of Toronto west went with out power today as a transformer caught on fire and effectively removed 930 megawatts from the Ontario grid.  Luckily our power supply is well connected to our neighbours and we are able to purchase their excess power until the unit is fixed.  It certainly makes you realize how much you use electricity when its suddenly not there.

During heat waves like this its a good idea to listen to you air conditioner and see how long it runs for, if you never hear it stop you may have a problem.  If this is the case let us know and we can come by and give you some advice on whether the air conditioner need replacement has been inappropriately sized for your home or just needs a quick service call.  Our first consultation is always free so send us a quick message with your issue and we will call you back to schedule a time when you will be home.

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