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What Is The Copper Worth In Your AC?

What Is The Copper Worth In Your AC?

Home air conditioners seem to be an irresistible target for some copper thieves these days.

Unfortunately it is a common occurrence so we thought we should check out why thieves do it, and how much money they get for the crime.

With one of our customers old central air systems we decided to tear it apart in search of the apparently significant copper money.

In less than 10 minutes and with the help of three tools, an old but fully functional A/C can be stripped of its copper. In this case the unit is not worth anything but copper thieves frequently destroy brand new systems worth roughly $3,000 or more.

When a thief steals your A/C, it is  unfortunate but the owner is stuck with the bill and the copper collected amounts to a little more than a handful, leaving A/C owners with a useless mess.

The number one question – how much money do thieves get for the stolen copper?

Using the copper we had legally removed from the air conditioner, we headed over to a local scrap yard and had the total haul weighed. 4.04 lbs.

In order to get paid for our scrap metal they asked to photocopy valid identification, a policy required under Ontario laws. They then paid us our $12.12 @ $3 per pound of copper.

Therefore a when a thief steals or destroys an air conditioner that could be worth $3,000 or more they net a total 12 dollars in scrap copper.

Police told us that in most cases, those committing the crimes are just looking for a way to support a drug habit. They also mentioned that the risk of getingt caught for a misdemeanor is not the best deterrent for the crime committed.