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Amana ASX14

An Amana central air conditioner is a premium brand system that delivers incredible energy savings in addition to reliable service. 

What makes the Amana ASX14 Unique?

There are a number of factors that Amana has included as standard of which most manufactures fail to.  This combination of quality components gives the Amana a SEER rating of up to 15 (the value can drop slightly depending on your furnace systems blower motor).  The ASX14 is a very quiet system, so you can go ahead and enjoy the summer evenings, have a BBQ, play in the yard, and not be interrupted by the jet engine sounds most central air conditioners produce. AmanaASX14-Greater Toronto Area

Features of the Amana ASX14

  • Up to 15 SEER
  • Chlorine free R-410a refrigerant
  • Copeland Scroll compressor
  • 10 year parts limited warranty
  • Lifetime unit replacement limited warranty (as long as you own the house)
  • Copeland diagnostic system
  • 5mm condenser coils
  • Factory installed filter dryer (increases system life)
  • Louvered style body offering enhanced protection for coils.

Amana has included a diagnostic system in conjunction with the Copeland scroll compressor.  This is sort of like a brain for your air conditioner, as your unit is running the system is constantly monitoring itself and its performance.  Should you experience any type of failure or issue the root cause is record in the memory so a technician can repair the issue quickly and accurately.  During regular seasonal maintenance a central air technician also have the ability to review all the data to ensure proper operation and catch any issues before they become breakdowns.

Is This The Right Air Conditioner For My Home?

That a tricky question to answer through this page as each home has different requirements.  You can call us and we can give you an answer over the phone or you can fill out our online form.  It is instantly sent to a number of people within the company so you know your question is going to dealt with fast.

We do offer free in home consultations where one of our pre-inspectors can come out and professional assess your home, make suggestions, and answer any questions you may have regarding your homes cooling system.

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