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Lennox 14ACX

The Lennox 14ACX Air Conditioner

Lennox has several air conditioners in their line-up. Starting with the economical Air Conditioner and proceeding all the away up to large commercial grade units. They all posses advancements such as the R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant, Energy Star ratings, dependable scroll compressors and other important features.

Lennox makes a great central air conditioner with a number of advancements other brands just don’t offer.  Some have said that the Lennox 14ACX is over engineered but realistically its one of the most dependable air conditioners on the market.  Sure it has some larger coils, a quieter fan, an insulated compressor but these are all add up to make an outstanding A/C.  This Lennox 14ACX is a product that encompasses  everything, efficiency, good looks, reliability, and it will keep you and your family comfortable for many years to come.

Rebates are available for all sizes of Lennox 14ACX air conditioners – see all lennox rebates here

An air conditioner is a big investment so it is important that as you do a little homework, read reviews, and research the product you’re interested in, in fact, that’s probably why you are here now.  Well the Lennox 14ACX is one of the best built units on the market, we highly recommend this air conditioner for homes throughout Southern Ontario.

Will all HVAC equipment you have to understand that in many situations miss-sized or faulty installation is the core reason people have problems with any brand of HVAC equipment.  Proper installation can reduce breakdowns by over 50%, so make sure you hire a properly trained and local air conditioner installer. Watch out for flyby night HVAC companies as they will install anything to make a sale. Ultimately, this goes back to training and Lennox does a good job of offering their dealers training for both installations and service. Chances are when you call a Lennox dealer and hire them to install your new system you will receive a good reliable installation that will keep you comfortable for years.

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