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Charge Air Conditioner Lines

Charge Air Conditioner Lines

Usually most people have a friend of a friend or a connection with someone somewhere where they can get a central air conditioner at a great deal. This has become quite common and we often lose a sale if someone has a connection somewhere. In all honesty I don’t blame home owners; I would take a better deal if I could get one somewhere else as well. Maybe its not the exact same central air system, maybe it’s a better one but a connection can sometimes bring in a great deal.

The thing is central air conditioners can only be installed using specialized equipment. The copper lines running from the AC, through the wall, and into the A coil in your furnace have to be filled with a specialized refrigerant and pumped up to a specified pressure. Ones the correct pressure has been attained within the lines the lines are then brazed closed so they can never leak.

So you very well may get a great deal on your central air but you will be on the search for an AC company that will come out and charge air conditioner lines and I can tell you it is not a priority for most companies.

If you found us looking for a company to charge your air conditioner in the Southern Ontario area then you have stumbled upon the right place. We do charge air conditioner lines for central air conditioner systems. In fact we have actually hired a dedicated technician for this very job as we receive so many requests.

So go ahead and get that central air at a great price through your connection knowing we can come out and charge your air conditioner lines in a timely manner.
I wish we could put the price up online but size, brand, and system can change costs enough to potentially mislead clients.

Give us a call with your new air conditioners details and we can give you an exact cost within a few minutes over the phone.


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