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How To Get A Deal On A New Central Air Conditioner

How To Get A Deal On A New Central Air Conditioner

This should be an interesting post as I am offering up ways for people to spend less and get a deal on a new central air system which ultimately reduces my bottom line…

I’m sure a lot of people interested in a new central air conditioner in the Greater Toronto Area are going to do some research regarding installation companies.  I completely respect that and in fact would do the exact same thing.  But, to get a great deal on an air conditioner doing some research is a great idea.  There are definitely some companies within Toronto and surrounding areas that are more than willing to take advantage of home owners. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

Steps To Get A Deal

  1. Get multiple quotes (I’m thinking at least 3)
  2. Negotiate (there is always a little bit wiggle room but be realistic)
  3. Apply for all applicable grants and rebates
  4. Package multiple systems.
  5. Call me

In depth Steps On Making Your Air Conditioner Deal

Quotes –  You should definitely be looking at  at least 3 quotes from competitors.  Make sure that you really look at the models they are offering and compare apples to apples.  I would never take the lowest quote, simply throw that one away, you’re almost guaranteed a bad install as the contractor will cut corners in order to make money off the sale.

Negotiate – A new central air conditioner may cost between 2 and 5 thousand dollars and the market is highly competitive.  100% truth here, the margins on these systems have dropped significantly over the last 10 years.  We used to make 7 or 8 hundred dollars on a sale but now we are lucky to be netting 50 to 100 dollars in profit.  If you are able to knock a 100$ off your new central air quote consider yourself a great bargainer.

Grants and Rebates – This probably where most homeowners will make the best inroads when looking to drop the price.  If your contractor isn’t offering or educating you on available air conditioner rebates then its time to move on.  I’m not going to offer any numbers as the rebates change every so often, roughly 250 to 500 dollars is possible.

Multiple Systems – Obviously this isn’t always possible but when you bundle a few systems together (tankless, water heater, furnace, AC) the price is likely to be cheaper than if purchased separately.  Part of the reason is that any single system mentioned above takes half a day for the installers to install, whereas two units take a full day.  Not having the installers drive back to the shop, then out to the next client, saves us time and money which ultimately saves you money.

Call Me – At the very least you can get another free quote which you can use for your research, otherwise I would be more than happy to answer any question or issues that you may have regarding the system.

We Can Help

If you’re looking for a central air and just doing your research, feel free to give us a call for any questions or concerns.

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