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Summer Here In Toronto Is Close

Summer Here In Toronto Is Close

It has been a long spring and an even longer winter. Personally I’m not complaining but I’m ready for summer. Sure, last spring was a windfall year for air conditioner sales but we need winter, it’s part of our Canadian identity. We have had a small warmup this year with roughly a week of mid twenty-ish warmth prompting us to transition over to the air conditioners and that summer feeling. It sure didn’t seem to last long as last weekend (may 11-12) while golfing it started to snow…

As such when these warm spills kick in my mailbox is inundated with pamphlets, post cards, and deals for air conditioner service or spring inspections at “rock bottom prices”. Being in the industry I enjoy going over these ad companies offerings and sometime laughing out loud. Don’t get me wrong some are reasonably priced and offer a fair service at a fair price. Here is what I look for.

  • If it is more than 100$ for a spring service on your air conditioner – its way too much
  • A new air filter should be included in the price
  • Minimum 15 point inspection on your air conditioner
  • Upon completion 12 months of free system diagnostics

Listed above is the bare minimum that I would recommend, here is why.

Many companies (including us) offer a protection plan that you can purchase for your home HVAC systems (water heater, air conditioner, furnace).  This is a simple monthly fee that includes your seasonal maintenance as well as emergency service, repairs, and parts.  When you work out the costs a monthly protection plan is much more cost effective than purchasing one off seasonal inspections.

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