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The Sun Reflector Kit Reduces Air Conditioner Use

The Sun Reflector Kit Reduces Air Conditioner Use

We have had a few early blasts of heat here in Ontario and throughout the Toronto area.  let’s be honest about things, our cooling season is not nearly as long as our heating season. The interesting part is that the air conditioning season can cost the same in energy as you pay to run your furnace throughout winter. This is partially due to the fact our furnace systems are incredibly efficient (well yours should be) whereas our air conditioners are not quite at the same level.

Here is a great local product that can be used to increase your homes efficiency and really reduce the amount your central air system needs to run.  We all know how expensive the electricity can be keep them purring along during those heat waves.

The system is called the Sun Reflector Kit, it basically turns your windows into mirrors reflecting the sun’s rays so they don’t heat up the inside of your home. Yes we are in Canada and we do have a winter when the sun actually works to warm our home. Well the Sun Reflector Kit is removable and cheap enough to replace every year and you will still save significant money on energy costs.

The Sun Reflector kit is just $12.99 and can be purchased at Home Hardware stores throughout Canada. It takes about an hour to install and reduces the transmission of heat though your windows by as much as 90%. The best part is that it doesn’t block the view out of your windows; the product is almost similar to a one way mirror

The Sun Reflector Kit will be on the now infamous Dragons Den this year.

Check It Out Here:  Sun Reflector Kit