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What Does It Cost To Run Your Air Conditioner In Toronto

What Does It Cost To Run Your Air Conditioner In Toronto

Are you interested in seeing how much it will cost to run your air conditioner in the Greater Toronto Area.  We took some time to break down the costs associated with some different sized and efficiency air conditioners.

Electricity Costs

Sure the hydro companies say we have comparable electricity prices within Ontario at around 8 cents per kilowatt hour but they don’t take into account all the extras we pay on top of that.

To get a true cost we have taken the most recent electrical bill here from the office added all the fees up and divided by the kWh.

Electricty: 405 kWh @ 8.3 cents = $33.62

Delivery Charge: $47.03

Regulatory Charges: $2.71

Debt Retirement Charge: $2.84

HST: $11.21

Total: $97.41

Clean Energy Benefit (10%off):  $9.74

One Month Bill Total  —  $87.67

Now taking the bill total and dividing it with the kWh used give us $87.67 / 405kWh = .216 or 21.6 cents per kWh

Electrical Cost To Run Your Air Conditioner


AC Size AC SEER Cost @ 8 Hours Cost @ 12 Hours
1 Ton
7 (1970’s) $88.87/Month $133.30/Month
9 (1990’s) $69.12/Month $103.68/Month
11 (2000’s) $56.55/Month $84.83/Month
15 (current) $41.47/Month $62.21/Month
1.5 Ton
7 (1970’s) $133.30/Month $199.95/Month
9 (1990’s) $103.68/Month $155.52/Month
11 (2000’s) $84.83/Month $127.24/Month
15 (current) $62.21/Month $93.91/Month
2.0 Ton
7 (1970’s) $177.74/Month $266.61/Month
9 (1990’s) $138.24/Month $207.36/Month
11 (2000’s) $113.11/Month $169.66/Month
15 (current) $82.94/Month $124.42/Month
2.5 Ton
7 (1970’s) $222.17/Month $333.26/Month
9 (1990’s) $172.80/Month $259.20/Month
11 (2000’s) $141.38/Month $212.07/Month
15 (current) $103.68/Month $155.52/Month
3.0 Ton
7 (1970’s) $266.61/Month $399.91/Month
9 (1990’s) $207.36/Month $311.04/Month
11 (2000’s) $169.66/Month $254.49/Month
15 (current) $124.42/Month $186.62/Month

A properly sized air conditioner should run nearly continuously during a hot summer day.  On average most homes will require the AC to run for 6-12 hours.


When using the true costs of electricity it’s easy to make the case for upgrading to a more efficient air conditioner.  Simply upgrading to a SEER 15 central air can reduce your hydro costs associated with your AC by 50%.  Also a SEER 15 AC is a lower end system, we have air conditioners with up to 24 SEER .


The GTA is quite large and temperatures can be significantly different between cities.  As an example, a home on the lakeshore in Etobicoke may need to run its central air much less than a home in the North section of Mississauga.  The temperature difference can be upwards of 10 degrees Celsius.


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