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When is the Best Time for Air Conditioner Deals?

When is the Best Time for Air Conditioner Deals?

When is the best time to replace your air conditioner?

That’s easy, whenever you can get the best air conditioner deals!


Here are some tips on when you can get a great deal on your homes central air system. Usually the best deals are had during times of hardship or low sales. It can be very much like a car dealership, the end of every month is where a dealership makes or breaks its sales targets.


In the air conditioning world we don’t run on a month to month sales time frame, in fact we have a bit of a more difficult landscape. I will outline some of the best times homeowners in Toronto, the GTA, and the Golden Horseshoe can negotiate a new A/C system.


  1.  Fall – This is probably the time of year you will get the very best deal. Companies are trying to unload their stock so they don’t have it taking up space in the shop and warehouse. Plus they have a lot of money tied up in stock and it can probably be better spent elsewhere.
  2.  Spring – This is a great time to search for companies that have some stock left over from last year. if its early spring theres a good chance they are looking to offload last years stock to invest in new product. With the seasons changing sales reps are usually itching to work on a different product than furnaces.
  3. Cool Summers – Not every summer is cool but the ones that are offer some extended deals to homeowners looking to upgrade their air conditioners. A lot of local GTA based companies count on air conditioner sales as part of their budget if the weather doesn’t co-operate and sales are slow discounts soon follow.

Getting the best air conditioner deals can take some research and effort on the consumers part, but at the very least it is important you get multiple quotes. Quotes are free and give you a great price comparison between competing companies, use that as leverage to get the best deal.