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Etobicoke Central Air-Conditioners

A central Air-Conditioning unit is installed outside and a small A coil is installed in the ducts close to the furnace.   Air is then forced past the coil significantly being cooled down and forced or distributed throughout the home.

etobicoke ontarioMost of Etobicoke is located far enough from the lake that its not affected by the cool breezes coming off the water.  Central air-conditioners can, on average, cool down a home at a rate of about 1 degree Celsius per hour.  During this cool down period the unit will stay on constantly and consistently, but its not hard for the unit.  If you have had an A/C  improperly sized and installed it could result in the unit starting and stopping frequently producing undue stress and an increased chance for early failure.

We are professional installers and have hundreds of clients in the Etobicoke area, we know the homes, their typical designs and which units are best suited.  We offer competitive prices with value added services, such as warranty, service and financing.  Give us a call or send us a quick message HERE and at least compare our prices to any other installer.  You will be surprised.