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Is an Air Conditioner Necessary In Toronto

Toronto is in close proximity to lake Ontario, very close actually.  This huge body of water adds a lot of moisture to the air.  In the winter when cold water passes over the warm water in the lake it forms lake effect snow.  It is slightly less visible in the summer months but as water evaporates it moisture level increases and makes hot weather feel even hotter.  Weather reports sometimes include the humidex which is a temperature rating of how hot it feels outside verses how hot it actually is. What does all this have to do an air conditioner in Toronto?

Easy, Toronto’s proximity to lake Ontario add significant amounts of moisture into the surrounding air increasing the humidex rating and therefore making that home air conditioner that much more valuable.

If you question why an air conditioner is related to a humidex value then it is important to know that  air conditioners both cool and dehumidify air making it comfortable and liveable in your home.  Do you need an air conditioner if you live in Toronto? This is a subjective question, as it is possible to succumb to heat stroke but the chances are slim.  There is no question that is certainly will make your home more comfortable and it is definitely a selling feature for any house.

A mild winter like we are experiencing here in Ontario with temperatures much warmer than normal may lead into a hot humid summer.  So if you like a great deal and want to ensure a cool house during the heat wave that this summer may turn into than now is a great time look at upgrading your air conditioner.  New models have been redesigned and offer great energy savings over units that are over 7 years old.  Contact us and we can assess your air conditioner for efficiency and operational health and replace or install a new one at a great price.