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Control Air Conditioner with a Smartphone

Control Air Conditioner with a Smartphone

Smartphones are incredibly powerful and for the most part maintain a constant connection to the internet.  This is providing us with some unique and interesting ways to interact with our homes.  Some companies are offering real time security and video monitoring which is streamed right to your phone no matter where you are.  This same sort of technology is making it into our homes air conditioners and furnace heating systems; and the opportunities are endless.Control Air Conditioner

Control Air Conditioner

First off home automation has been around for a number of years and has evolved from building automation.  Here in Ontario Johnson Controls has worked on some of the largest and most expansive projects.  The results can net building operators thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in efficiency savings a year.  The technologies and techniques have started to progress over to conventional homes now.  Sure the savings wont be on the same scale but the benefits can be substantial enough to offset costs within a few years of installation or upgrade.

Most of the air conditioners that we use and install have the ability to be connected to home automation systems allowing them to be controlled by a central head unit.  The head unit is then connected to the internet or your homes network allowing you to gain access from practically anywhere in the world.  I think you might be surprised how much you find yourself enjoying one of these systems.  The stats alone can provide hours of interesting information that just wasn’t available to homeowners even just a few years ago.

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