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Four Variables To Think About With Your Air Conditioner

Four Variables To Think About With Your Air Conditioner

It should be no shock that an improved central air conditioner unit can significantly decrease energy consumption and increase the comfort of your home.

Today’s Modern Air Conditioners

The connection between our ever enhancing technology and today’s much longer service life of home air conditioners is relatively straightforward. Manufactures thoroughly understand that customers like having system choices but also expect a warranty to sustain them.

Here in Toronto and surrounding areas our air conditioner suppliers deliver extensive protection plans that cover much of the system’s life cycle.  In addition we offer add-on warranty opportunities to further extend the protection of your investment.

Manufactures’ Guarantees and Conditions

Safeguard your rights and be sure you’re getting all the benefits your entitled to with a newly installed system. It is important to take a moment and go through the paperwork and conditions that come your new air conditioner.

  • Standard guarantee: This is the common air conditioner warranty attached to your brand-new system. Most manufactures require you sign up with them within 60 or 90 days of investment in order to qualify for the complete assurance program. Details vary by make, model, and style. Usually, the manufacturer will give a 5 or 10 year limited parts insurance coverage, as well as up to a 10-year converter warranty.
  • Many guarantees require yearly precautionary repair work as well as scheduled A/C maintenance to remain intact. Just like your vehicle, if you never changed the oil  the guarantee will certainly be voided. So if you select total coverage under the manufacturer’s warranty be sure to have regular yearly maintenance as recommended in the maintenance manual.
  • Keep these records for future reference if called for by the provider. Constant routine maintenance similarly lessens small issues, lightens utility charges as well as extends the life of your air conditioner.
  • Extended Warranties: Many companies offer a additional level of protection for a small fee.  In most cases this will likely turn out to be a good purchase but it important to understand the future goals for your home.
  • It is important to know that some warranties are transferable to new owners if you need to sell.