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Your Home and Free Air Conditioning

Your Home and Free Air Conditioning

Use Your Basements Reservoir Of Cold Air

Living in Ontario we all know how much it can cost for electricity every month… Well of course the electricity is cheap but the extra fees they always seem to tack on nearly triple the price.  Thus when the temperature is similar to how it is today here in Toronto it makes sense to use homes free air conditioning.

To clarify the weather today is roughly 22-23 Celsius and partly cloudy.  Your central air conditioner won’t have to spend too much effort cooling your home down to that 21 degree level but it still will need to run which costs you money.

How To Get (Nearly) Free Air Conditioning

I have mentioned the free air conditioning thing a few times now but I should note that it will only work for homes with an unfinished basement or a larger mechanical room.  Basically your basement is like a larger less efficient geothermal system.  The cold ground surrounding the walls and floor of your basement cool the blocks or cement walls which then cools the ambient air within the basement.  In a properly built home and HVAC system when you switch your furnace fan on it should take the warm air from upstairs and deposit in the basement while taking the cool basement air and send it through the vents.  This passive cooling should be able to keep your home in the comfortable 21 degree range without even turning on the AC system.

The basement is able to generate quite a bit off cooling energy but much more than a few degrees and you will need to turn your full air conditioning system on.

Numbers To Back This Up

Your blower on your furnace or furnace fan is roughly 400-600 watts, this a rough estimate and could be a bit higher or lower.  If you have a dual or triple stage blower than you should run it on its slowest or lowest setting to save the most energy.

Your central air conditioner unit consumes anywhere from 3000 to 5000 watts… It’s not hard to see how using the cool ambient air in your basement can really save you some money.


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