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Toronto Winter and Your Air Conditioner

Toronto Winter and Your Air Conditioner

It seems as though winter is quickly approaching again.  The trees are losing their leaves and the plants are dying from the first frost of the season.  It was a great summer to have owned an efficient well maintained air conditioner as the summer was hot and humid.

To further maintain your air conditioner and prepare it for winter there are a few things you should consider in order to keep your A/C in tip top shape. Toronto air conditioner maintenance

First you’re going to want to have a service tech come in a do a maintenance service on your unit.  Although this doesn’t seem very important to have done every year I promise you it is.  If you don’t do the maintenance you void the manufactures warranty on the air conditioner.  This is much like your car, you wouldn’t skip oil and oil change to save a little money would you?

The maintenance on an air conditioner only takes about 45 minutes to an hour but helps ensure you and your home remain cool and comfortable next summer.

Secondly you will want to protect your A/C from the winter elements.  This is best done with an air conditioner cover; it is designed to allow air movement though the unit evaporating water and reducing rust.  Do not wrap your air conditioner in a plastic bag or other water proof material as this just holds water in promoting rust to form.  Also if your air conditioner is close to a walk way that is salted take extra precaution the salt, or salt water runoff don’t come in contact with your air conditioner.

Heeding these two tips will help you continue to have comfortable cool living conditions within your home year after year.

We do offer discounts on packaged maintenance service, so if you need your air conditioner end of season maintenance and your furnace start of season inspection give us a call and we can help you out for a discounted price.

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