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Rental Central Air Conditioners In The GTA

Rental Central Air Conditioners In The GTA

Here is some honest and true advice on renting your air conditioner within the Toronto and Greater Toronto area.


First and foremost how does renting an air conditioner work?
Well it is basically the exact same as renting your water heater. A company will install and maintain the system with no upfront costs with an agreement you pay a monthly fee for a set term defined on the contract. Of course this opens up even more questions, so I will try to answer them now.

The benefits of a rental air conditioner
  • No upfront costs
  • Brand new energy efficient system
  • Maintenance plans
  • Stable and reliable payments
  • No surprise repair bills or breakdown costs

Costs – The installation and unit cost is absorbed by the air conditioner installer and supplying company on the outlook that it will be paid back slowly through the set monthly fee.
Central Air Systems – Only new high efficient units are installed, they type and model is completely up to the home owners, but monthly fees will either increase or decrease according to cost. The Luxury Lennox Signature series is going to have a higher monthly cost verses a high efficiency Amana ASX.
Maintenance – This may be covered by the company installing the system but contracts can and do vary so it is an important question to ask a rep who visits your home for the consultation and model selection.
Payments – Since you’re on a monthly contract your payments are very stable, you can accurately set a budget without the necessity of accounting for breakdowns, maintenance, or repairs.
Repairs – We just touched on this point, but to reiterate the installation company will handle all repairs and breakdowns associated with your air conditioner. Just like a water heater rental. The moment a problem arises call us up and we will repair or even replace the system at no cost to the homeowner.


Here are the negatives when renting your air conditioner.
Like I mentioned at the beginning I’m going to be brutally honest here, I may even scare some potential clients off but I feel it is important to look at all the facts so homeowners know what they are getting into.

The cons of a rental air conditioner
  • Set contract term
  • Pay during winter
  • Termination fees
  • Buy out

Set Contract – Just like when you sign up for a rental water heater a rental air conditioner will have a set contract term. This term can be anywhere from 2 to 10 years with varying buyout costs. The good thing is that the contracts are completely transferable to new home owners if you sell your house.

Winter Hurts – It’s easy to forget in the summer when you sign up that during the winter you will still be paying your monthly fees for your air conditioner. It’s sort of a necessary evil but something to keep in mind.

Termination Fees – As mentioned these vary from company to company as well as the years left on the contract. Make sure to be clear on what the termination fees are if you decide to cancel your air conditioner rental.

Buy Out Fees – All companies have a buyout schedule that they reference if a client requests to purchase their system. The longer you pay your monthly fees the lower the buyout becomes and at the end of the term there is usually just a nominal fee to bay to end the contract and keep the air conditioner. Question the rep regarding their buyout fees and schedule.


There are some definitive positives and negatives when you rent an air conditioner, weigh the options for your situation and choose the solution that best fits your needs.

If you have any further question or interested in talking to one of our representatives you can call us anytime at (647) 925-1930 or you can have a REP call you back with this [formlightbox_call title=”lightbox form” class=”1373042158948″]quick & simple form[/formlightbox_call] [formlightbox_obj id=”1373042158948″ style=”” onload=”false”][contact-form-7 id=”276″ title=”Lighbox Form”][/formlightbox_obj]