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Are you looking for a contractor to price out a new central air for your home in Hamilton? We are a full service contractor specializing in home comfort systems. A new Hamilton A/C or air conditioner can help you save money on your homes cooling bills. Today’s air conditioners are significantly more efficient than systems even just 5-10 years old which can really reduce your homes electrical bill. Hydro prices continue to rise so reducing your consumption is the best way to mitigate seemingly ever increasing rates.


Hamilton Air Conditioner Rebates

If you have decided on installing a new air conditioner for your Hamilton home we are a certified contractor for the saveONenergy incentive program. This program offers rebates of $250 – $400 for homeowners who upgrade their central air to a more efficient system. The more efficient the air conditioner you purchase the more the rebate.

If you are a business with a residential type system located in Hamilton you are also eligible for the rebates offered. Give us a call to discuss your involvement in the program (647) 925-1930


Air Conditioner LocationHamilton Central Air Conditioner

We have installed hundreds if not thousands of central air conditioners throughout the Hamilton area. This experience helps us immensely when positioning your new system. Your central air must comply with current zoning regulations and be located within your yard and not closer than 61 centimeters to any lot line. If your Hamilton home is included in a greenbelt or tree preservation zone there are further stipulation you need to follow when placing your air conditioner. We can help home owners select the best location for the new system.


Sizing Your Air Conditioner

This can be a very technical question. The best advice we can offer is to have a professional come out to your home and do a load calculation analysis. Each home has different air leakage rates as well as important factors like square footage. On top of that your proximity to Lake Ontario can actually play a role in air humidity and air temperature.


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