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Maple has an estimated population of over 50,000 people; it is a designated area to grow within Ontario’s  suburban community.

Maple consists primarily of single detached homes and this makes it a high user of residential air conditioners.  Due to the number of homes and the number of builders that initially installed cheap, inefficient air conditioners Maple we frequesntly visit the area.  Maple is a great town to live in, which is a bit of a secret most of the residents don’t like to promote.

Upgrading your air conditioner in Maple can be great way to reduce your electrical bills.  I know when looking at my electrical bill every month the first thing I want to do is reduce my consumption.  The cost for electricity seems cheap but once they add on delivery charges, debt retirement, taxes, and regulatory fees the price is ridiculous.

Your air conditioner is one of the bigger consumers of electricity, upgrading to a more efficiency model can really reduce those fees attached to that electrical bill.

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There are grants and rebates available to home owners living in Maple looking to upgrade their air conditioners.  The Government offers these rebates to reduce green house gases and shrink energy consumption.

Get your home a new energy efficient air conditioner, save on energy bills and have the Government pay for portion of it.  Sign up here and find out more here.