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Is an Air Conditioner Necessary In Toronto

Toronto is in close proximity to lake Ontario, very close actually.  This huge body of water adds a lot of moisture to the air.  In the winter when cold water passes over the warm water in the lake it forms lake effect snow.  It is slightly less visible in the summer months but as water evaporates it moisture level increases and makes hot weather feel even hotter. ...

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Ontario Central Air Conditioner Rebate

Government Rebates are available to homeowners that upgrade their air conditioner. Looking to upgrade your air conditioner? well the winter is a great time to get good deals on last years stock and still get Government rebates and incentives.  We are able to service and install air conditioners in most of Southern Ontario; locations like Toronto, Burlington,...

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Summer A/C In Toronto

This hasn’t been one of the hottest summers but it certainly has been a good one. There have been a number of days above 30 degrees and most people had their air conditioners just humming away. If you suffered through this year without an A/C the end of a season can offer you some good deals that you may want to consider. Most HVAC companies stockpile air...

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