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Is an Air Conditioner Necessary In Toronto

Toronto is in close proximity to lake Ontario, very close actually.  This huge body of water adds a lot of moisture to the air.  In the winter when cold water passes over the warm water in the lake it forms lake effect snow.  It is slightly less visible in the summer months but as water evaporates it moisture level increases and makes hot weather feel even hotter. ...

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Air Conditioner Season Ending Deals

If you struggled through this year with a marginally efficient air conditioner, then the end of year deals happening now may be your ticket to better air conditioner. As the A/C season nears its completion HVAC shops look to get rid of some of their inventory and bring in furnaces for the upcoming heating season.  For most shops space is valuable and storing air...

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Toronto AC Info

Toronto and surrounding has a hundreds of HVAC installers and Resellers, how do you know as a home owner which AC systems to go for? A lot of the times you need to trust you HVAC installer as most have been in the business for years and that’s why they are still in business. A great way to mitigate your risk is to get quotes from a number of potential...

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