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Personal Air Conditioners

Personal Air Conditioners

Here is an interesting product from Vortec; a personal air conditioner.

Vortec is a leading innovation company that specializes in compressed air technologies.  They have several firsts in their repertoire of marketed products, the personal air conditioner may be another.  With global warming we are seeming larger fluctuations in weather behaviour, resulting in freezing temperatures in California and extended heat waves in the Toronto area.  These weather extremes will start to become more frequent and sever as time passes.  With a personal air conditioner a worker can easily remain comfortable in extreme heat. Vortec Personal Air Conditioner

The system works by use of a thin vest which is connected to an air source, the vest directs cooling through the torso and back of the neck providing a rapid cooling sensation.  In addition to cooling the system us able to provide heating to individuals who may be in a freezing environment.  This innovative product could prove very useful in the construction industry here in Southern Ontario, our weather fluctuates enough to necessitate the use of both heating and cool for workers.

There may be a few limitations to this systems to note. First, you need to have access to compressed air for the system to work, that mean you are on a tether hose at all times.  Secondly, the vest may prove cumbersome and bulky to some works used to the freedom of not wearing one.

Read more about the personal air conditioner at the designers website.